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TRRA Boards

Serving on the Board of Directors is an excellent way to meet, and in fact exceed, one’s volunteer obligation to TRRA. The Board meets on the fourth Tuessday evening of each month at 6:15 PM, usually at the Millvale Training Center. Most Board members will also serve on a Board subcommittee or Board task force as well as volunteer their time at various TRRA events.

As with any non-profit Board, the Board has responsibility for developing policy, assuring the financial health of TRRA, and overseeing the execution of the organization’s goals and objectives. Most Board members are also members and row, paddle, and/or exercise regularly at TRRA. As such, they are also the ‘eyes and ears’ of the organization and provide the other Board members and staff with very valuable feedback. Membership on the Board of Directors is open to anyone interested in volunteering their time to TRRA.

A good way to be introduced to service on the Board is to volunteer on one of the Board Committees. All Board of Directors are elected by the full time membership of TRRA with the exception of the representative of the Board of Governors and the Scholastic Rowing Organization (SRO), which are appointed.

Board of Directors

Randy Hockenberry, Chair

Kari Carbone, Vice-Chair

Steve Heilman, Treasurer

Maureen Olinzock, Secretary

Betsy Ensminger, Interim Member at Large

Tom Kelly

Mark Bellinger - SRO Representative

Fred Miller

Jeremy Bowlby

Bob Oltmanns

Bruce Cooper, Bd. of Governors Alternate

Linda Rachiatore

Reggie Dulaney

Judy Robertson

Tom Hudak

Chris Ryan, Bd. of Governors Representative

James Inks

Lori Sandidge

Directors are elected annually by the members and normally serve a three year term.

Board of Governors

David Figgins, Chair

Steven Irwin

James Browne

Michael Lambert

Susan Carlson

John Lubimir

R. Bruce Cooper

Linda Metropulos

David Curry

Susan McIntosh

James Darby

Chris Ryan

James Donnell

Donald Schock

Thomas Hilliard, Jr.

Betsy Ensminger

Don Ewing