Adult Rowing

Winter Rowing League

No experience necessary.


Winter Rowing League is a fantastic way to learn rowing technique using both the erg machines and indoor rowing tanks at the Millvale Training Center. Classes help develop skills and fitness to prepare athletes for on the water rowing. If you have ever wanted to try rowing this is a great place to start! 


We look forward to an excellent start to the indoor season in January of 2023. 


Session 1 January  - February 

Session 2 February  - March 

Session 3 April  - May 


Register for one night per week and plan to attend on that night each week for the entirety of the session.

NOTE:  Per TRRA COVID-19 protocols, all Winter Rowing League Participants must be fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative PCR Test taken within 72 hours of each training session.  Proof of Vaccination can be uploaded here:  TRRA-WRL Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Form

Look for precise session dates and early registration in late October 2022.

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Summer Rowing League

Summer Rowing League (SRL) is TRRA’s Social Recreational rowing league! The program consists of 90’ practice sessions followed by a cookout. Practices are from 7:00 - 8:30 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. This program focuses on creating positive experiences and connections through rowing. 


The League is composed of teams of 10 - 12 people led by a captain. The captain and the team are responsible for organizing the 8 people who will row each practice and the boathouse provides the equipment and coaching. Any group of friends, coworkers, or interested rowers can join the Summer Rowing League. 




Log Book Sculling

Many rowers take advantage of "log book sculling" at TRRA.  Community members with their own equipment can be Log Book Scullers or members who have passed their TRRA Sculling Certification and wish to row a club owned boat.  All rowers are required to use the iCrew app, whether rowing with their own equipment, or equipment belonging to TRRA. Failure to reserve dock time, or log in and out of your rowing sessions can result in suspension of dock privileges. Please help ensure your own safety, and help manage and maintain TRRA equipment.


To participate in log book sculling, you must be certified. There are two ways to become certified at TRRA: (Non-members please contact admin@threeriversrowing.org for other options):

  • Complete private sculling lessons, or...

  • Pass a sculling certification test by demonstrating your rowing experience. The cost to test out is $75 for an individual, $120 for semi-private (Free until 30 June 2022). Certifications can only be done in Zone 1 of the safety matrix and if the water temperature is above 60°F/15.5°c.

  • Sculling/Pair Certification overview and certification checklist are on the SAFETY page.

  • To schedule a certification test choose a coach whose availability matches your schedule and contact them by email. They will get back to you within approximately 2 days and get you started.


Adam Herrick - adamherrick@threeriversrowing.org 

Monday 2pm - 3:45pm

Tuesday, Wednesday 9:40am - 2pm

Thursday 7:30am - 2pm

Friday 7:30am - 3:45pm

Saturday 1pm - 3pm

Sunday 11:30am - 12pm


Dylan Lukas - dylanlukas@threeriversrowing.org

No replies or availability until after June 7th.


Dillan Thomson - dillanthomson@threeriversrowing.org 

Monday - Friday 9am - 2pm

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Sunday 10am - 12pm


Kimberly Thomson - kimthomson@threeriversrowing.org 

Not available until June 5th.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am - 12pm

Tuesday, Thursday 7am - 11am

Saturday 7am - 1pm

Sunday 9:30am - 12pm​​

Use of TRRA equipment:

  • To use TRRA equipment outside of lessons, you must have an active TRRA annual Community Fee registration. Register here.

  • TRRA shells must be reserved via the iCrew app.  Once you are a member in good standing, you will be invited to the TRRA iCrew app portal.

  • Visiting rowers must reserve a shell by emailing Matt Logue, Executive Director of TRRA

Rack space rental for your own equipment:


To become certified to row sculling boats or paddle outrigger canoes at TRRA, you will need to submit the following forms, available on the SAFETY page of this site:

  • Safety Video Certification

  • Swim Test Certification

  • TRRA Waiver


Certification checklists:


Adult Rowing


Three Rivers Rowing Association has one of the largest adult rowing communities in the country. Our programs provide a structured rowing environment that focus on rowing skill development, race opportunities and, most importantly, a strong sense of community. Our adult rowers embrace the TRRA vision of being leaders, both on and off the water and have the race results and community engagement receipts to prove it.


Our adult rowing programs run annually beginning in April.  Practice schedules and racing opportunities vary by program (see below).  All of our Adult Rowing programs provide an inclusive and wholistic rowing experience and are designed to provide a structure in which each athlete will have the opportunity to maximize their potential and reach their goals.

Registration links for 2022 have expired. To register for 2022 please email admin@threeriversrowing.org


Adult Rowing:  AAA-Team

Sessions per week:  4
Weekday Schedule:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  5:00am - 7:00am
Weekend Schedule:  Sunday:  6:45 - 9am
2022 Cost:  $1,125.00
Prerequisites:  At least 2 years of competitive rowing experience and/or with the approval of the AAA Coaches.

Adult Rowing:  AA-Team

Sessions per week:  3
Weekday Schedule:  Monday and Wednesday:  6:15 - 8:15pm
Weekend Schedule:  Saturday:  9:30 - 11:30am
2022 Cost:  $750.00
Program is open to learn to row graduates and experienced adult rowers.


Adult Rowing:  A-Team

Sessions per week:  2
Weekday Schedule:  Tuesday:  6:30 - 8:30pm
Weekend Schedule:  Saturday 10:00 - 12:00 
2022 Cost:  $500.00
Program is open to learn to row graduates and experienced adult rowers

Mid-Morning Masters:

Sessions per week:  2
Weekday Schedule:  Tuesday and Thursday:  9:30 - 11:30am
2022 Cost:  $500.00
Program is open to learn to row graduates and experienced adult rowers


Cost & Payment:

TRRA is proud to provide multiple ways of payment.  Individuals may pay by credit card at the time of registration, pay by check at the completion of registration or enroll in our Automatic Bank Debit (ABD) system at the completion of registration.  If enrolling in our ABD system, your total fee will be divided by 12 and that amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account each month.