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30th Street Bridge Construction Set to Begin 4/24

We expect that construction will begin on the 30th Street Bridge on Monday, 4/24/23.

PennDOT has recently shared information regarding the 30th Street Bridge preservation project. For those who are unaware, the 30th Street Bridge is the bridge that leads onto Washington's Landing. The bridge will be going to ONE lane of traffic starting 4/24/23 and ending in early October.

Additionally - the bridge will also no longer be accessible from the north end of River Avenue (the intersection of the 31st Street Bridge, Route 28, & Rialto Street) and will need to be accessed from the south end of River Avenue.

  • This project will have significant impact on vehicle traffic. The bridge can only be accessed from the south end of River Avenue. A map of the proposed detour can be found here.

  • This project will have significant impacts on bike and pedestrian traffic at times, as well as those who take public transportation. Bikes must be walked across the bridge only when the sidewalk is open. Pedestrians and cyclists are not permitted in the vehicle lane at any time. Two maps of the proposed detours can be found HERE.

    • When the bridge sidewalks are closed, the Island can be accessed from the footbridge along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail at the southern end of the Island.

  • The coaches expect that this project will have a large impact on our operations, but we cannot be sure of what exactly that impact will be until construction begins.

  • Finally, the City of Pittsburgh also has an Information Page that may be useful.

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