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July 2021 Community Newsletter

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Dear TRRA Community,

June has come and gone in a flash and now we find ourselves at the halfway point of 2021. Though fast, June was a strong month for TRRA. The Three Rivers Youth program sent 6 crews to the USRowing Youth Nationals, held in Sarasota, FL, and returned with each crew earning a top 25 ranking and two entries earning medals! The Womens Double consisting of Audrey Lyda and Lauren Jochims won each of their races on the way to a gold medal and National Championship title. In his first Youth Nationals event, Dylan Folan earned a bronze medal in the Mens U17 1x.

A week after Youth Nationals, our AAA Masters traveled to Philadelphia to compete in their first race since the fall of 2019. AAA entered 18 crews and earned 6 medals in a very competitive regatta on the historic Schuylkill River.

June also saw the start of our summer programming for both youth and adult programs. The Learn to Row programs are in full swing and our dragon boat programs continue to bring new people to the water and now boat two full crews for each practice!

As we start the month of July, we are hitting a mental reset button here at TRRA by treating July 1 as New Year’s Day. The uncertainty and short-term operational constraints of the last 15 months will stay behind us. We are starting this “new year” with renewed resolutions, renewed focus, and an enhanced sense of community. We hope that you will join us in our New Year’s celebration and know that we look forward to a strong and inclusive year ahead!

Be Safe and Happy New Year!

Matt Logue,

Executive Director


In celebration of our community's endurance and a return to rowing and paddling, TRRA is reviving the Summer Splash! Taking place at Millvale Waterfront Park (in front of the Millvale Boathouse), the Summer Splash will consist of drinks, food, games, and fun for the whole family!

There are several ways to show your support this year!

You can . . .

Saturday, August 28th, 4pm - 8pm


July 4th: Sculling bay and boathouse open from 5:30am - 10am, all programming canceled unless otherwise indicated by your team coach

July 5th: Sculling bay and boathouse open from 5:30am - 10am, AAA will be conducting practice, all other programs are canceled unless otherwise indicated by your team coach.

SRL is canceled on July 5th and has been rescheduled for the end of the season.


TRRA Adult Learn to Row Programs are designed to introduce all participants to rowing safety, proper rowing technique, and boat moving skills. The second session begins July 20th, each camp operates in 5-week blocks with two sessions per week. Tell your friends to learn to row with TRRA!


Private lessons are often used for rowers to learn how to row a single rowing shell, enabling them to row on their own using TRRA equipment as part of our Log-Book Sculling program. Sculling lessons are a great introduction to the sport of rowing or a great way to enhance your current skills! TRRA will provide a coach and equipment to personalize your learning experience on your schedule!

​Sculling lessons can be scheduled for individuals or small groups and all scheduling is subject to coach availability. Each participant must sign a TRRA Waiver and have a Swim Test on file with TRRA. Fees for all Private Lessons must be paid in advance and be completed on-line.

Successful completion of a certification test at the end of your lessons qualifies you to participate in TRRA's Log Book Sculling program.


TRRA is now recycling BOTTLES & CANS only. Please do not place any other items in the recycling bins. Thank you for helping TRRA #leantogreen.

Try to eliminate single-use items from our campus. Purchase a water bottle!


Goose Line Systems have been installed at both boathouses. The system is effective at deterring geese when properly set. If you are the last program during that session (i.e: last program in the morning, or last program for the night) please reset the goose line. The lines should be tight with the buckets evenly spaced and right up against the edge of the dock. If you are not sure if there’s someone still out on the water- please reset the downstream dock, but leave the upstream dock open.

Dock Hinges are being replaced at Washington’s Landing. The original aluminum hinges have begun to tear and are being replaced with stainless steel hinges. This project is ongoing.

Roof repairs are being conducted at both the Washington’s Landing and Millvale Campus. This project is ongoing.

Interested in helping out around the Boathouse? Join the Campus Crew! Register HERE.


The memory of walking back down our wedding aisle with the love of my life underneath Three Rivers Rowing oars held by Rif Raf teammates reminds me just how much I have gained through this sport.

Never would I have thought when a friend asked me to join him in rowing back in 2008 that I would end up finding a sport, a team, and a wife that have helped shape who I am today. He just promised me dinner and a few beers after practice, and as a single guy in my mid 20’s that’s really all it took.

I always have enjoyed competition and team sports, this seemed like a great way to further that endeavor. The best part about it is also the great friendships along the way. Rowers, at least the ones I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, are just good people. Fortunately, I landed in one of the best boats in corporate crew... Rif-Raf. From early mornings on the docks to late nights out in Cleveland, even to places to crash in the Netherlands, Rif-Raf has led me to some wonderful friendships. Best of all, my wife and two daughters.

Our corporate team has survived over ten years and has had many new rowers come and go. The friendships we have made rowing now extend beyond the boat, beyond Pittsburgh, and to a second generation of children who we hope will carry on our traditions.

The competition, food, and beer got me in the boat, the friendships have kept me coming back.

-Jon Reddig, Team Rif-Raf

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