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Safety Bulletin: July 19, 2021

Safety Resources & Responsibility:

In the last 36 hours, the flow rate has increased dramatically as a result of last week's rainfall. At the time of writing this, the flow is just under 60Kcfs putting us in Zone 5. In the same 36 hour period, we have had several members show up to the boathouse expecting to row their singles.

This bulletin is a reminder to ALL TRRA members that it is your responsibility to check both the weather and water conditions before arriving at either TRRA Campus for a training session. ALL of this information is readily available on the Safety Page of the TRRA website, including the Safety Matrix widget that provides a quick glance view of the current Safety Matrix Zone and conditions. This page is mobile-friendly and should be bookmarked on every active member's phone and/or computer. Additional signage will be going up around the TRRA campuses in the next few days to help remind everyone of these resources and each individual's requirement to check them before going on the water.

TRRA Safety Web Page

TRRA Rowing Matrix TRRA Rowing Matrix Appendix

Allegheny River Flow Data and Projections

Sculling Certification Update:

Thank you to everyone who has provided constructive feedback on the new Sculling Certification process that was announced on June 28th. We are taking suggestions into careful consideration and making adjustments to ensure a smooth, consistent, and safe Sculling Certification process. An updated certification form will be shared with membership in the very near future. TRRA will not be scheduling any Sculling Certifications until the updated process is complete. Thank you all for your patience, understanding, and commitment to safety throughout this process.

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