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Indoor Sprints

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  • Events for youth, collegiate, open, Masters, Adaptive / Para and Cross Fit

  • Categories for all skill levels.

  • National Championship eligibility and ranking in majority of events!

  • USRowing Under 19 National Team Identification Camp on-site!

  • Early Bird registration opens on December 22, 2023.

  • Special rate tickets available to the Pittsburgh Beer Fest, taking place at the Convention Center, to eligible (21+) participants.

  • NEW: Cross Fit Team Relay Event!

USRowing Under 19 National Team Identification Camp

2024 USRowing Identification Camp

As an integral part of talent identification for the Under 19 National Team, several U19 ID camps will be held around the country in early 2024. Athletes born in 2006 or later, who hold United States citizenship or residency in the United States, and a current USRowing membership, are eligible to participate in an ID camp.


Athletes interested in any of our summer camps, from youth development camps to selection camp for the 2024 World Rowing Under 19 Championships, are encouraged to attend ID camps. The camps will be highly education based and will focus on communicating and teaching national teams best practices stemming from USRowing’s Chief High Performance Officer Josy Verdonkschot.


The Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints will be a host location the Pittsburgh U19 ID Camp.  Athletes can register for the event here, and there will be a modified schedule for this ID Camp.  Athletes should plan to have 60 minute available before they race at Pittsburgh Indoors for the ID Camp process.

NEW EVENT!!  CrossFit Relay

The Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints is excited to announce the inclusion of a CrossFit relay race into the 2024 event.  This event will feature a RowErg leg, an ErgBike leg with some burpees added in for fun.   Here is the format:

  • 3K RowErg

  • 6K ErgBike

  • At the start, and every 3 minutes on the minute, athletes will perform 10 synchro burpees over the erg.

  • Both athletes work at the same time on each machine.  Athletes switch machines each round (following each set of burpees).

  • Continue until both machines are completed or time cap.  


We would like to thank Steve Cupec (CF-L2; BS, Exercise Science) from CrossFit AIM, for creating this exciting workout to be incorporated into the Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints!

Lightweight Events

Now that the Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints are part of the USRowing National Indoor Championship system, we will be making changes to our lightweight procedures for all U23, Open and Masters events.  Those changes will include:

  • The addition of Lightweight divisions for all U23, Open and Masters race events.

  • The Weigh-In window will be two hours prior to the scheduled race time..  

  • The lightweight maximums are:

    • Men: 165 lbs.

    • Women: 135 lbs.

    • Open Gender: 150 lbs

  • There will be no “re-weighs” at this event.  

    • If a competitor exceeds the maximum weight for their event, they will be transferred to the open weight division of their event.

  • Competitors shall be weighed in wearing their racing uniform and the uniform must cover the torso of the competitor.

  • Lightweight competitors will select the “Lightweight” division during the registration process within their given event.  

  • Final times will be ranked by time with Lightweights being identified as such in the overall rankings.

  • Medals will be awarded to Lightweights based on the following criteria:

    • If there are 4 or more lightweights in a given event, gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded.

    • If there are 3 or less lightweights in a given event, medals will be awarded to each competitor that beats at least one other competitor.

    • If a lightweight finishes in the top 3 overall in a given event, they will only be awarded one medal.


We are excited to offer these categories at the 2024 Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints / USRowing National Indoor Championships!  

Erg Sale!

Buy a Racing Erg at a discount!

Three Rivers Rowing Association will be selling new race ergs following the 2024 Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints/USRowing Indoor Championships.  We will be selling 20 Concept2 Model D Ergs that will only be used during the event.  The price for these ergs will be $875.00 and pickup will be available at the conclusion of racing on 1/27 or Washington's Landing on Monday 1/29.  Purchasing an erg directly from Concept2 costs $1,107.70 once tax and shipping are included.  In order to reserve and pay for an erg, please fill out the Holiday Erg Sale Reservation Form.   

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