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Volunteering Opportunities!

As a community-based organization, TRRA’s volunteers are involved in the services we provide, events we organize, the upkeep of our fleet and facility, and much of our outreach and fundraising efforts. Thank you, for your generously given time and talent to help TRRA fulfill its ongoing mission.

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As you know, TRRA operates with a very small professional staff.  They, along with a cadre of dedicated volunteers, keep the operations running well.  Many of you regularly volunteer on Clean-up Days and at HOTO, and those efforts are greatly appreciated.  However, more volunteers are needed to keep our boathouses humming.  We need YOU!


We are asking that each of you volunteer for a total of 16 hours per year.

  • 8 hours from January 1  to July 31

  • 8 hours from August 1 to December 1

Other ways to help!

Our Adaptive Program can always use assistants. Please contact

Assistant coaching:

Administrative assistance:

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