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Volunteering Opportunities!

As a community-based organization, TRRA’s volunteers are involved in the services we provide, events we organize, the upkeep of our fleet and facility, and much of our outreach and fundraising efforts. Thank you, for your generously given time and talent to help TRRA fulfill its ongoing mission.

Winter Rowing League volunteers  11/28/22 - 4/06/23

TRRA is seeking volunteers for the Winter Rowing League program. (adult program)


WRL is one of TRRA’s gateways to full community and team membership and we are seeking welcoming ambassadors to guide eager learners of our beloved sport.

Volunteers are needed 7pm-8:30pm Monday - Thursday.

Boathouse maintenance
Winter 2022/23

TRRA is seeking volunteers to help with indoor repairs and renovations. 

Enjoy home improvement work? Handy? We would love help updating future staff workspace.


Tasks included cleaning, wall repair, flooring, plumbing, lighting, painting.

For questions or suggestions contact

Other ways to help!

TRRA is always looking for volunteers for numerous projects and programs. If you would like to help, please click the link above to join our volunteer list and let us know your interests and we will be in contact. 

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