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Staff Saturdays - Adam Herrick

This Staff Saturdays feature is Adam Herrick, Director of Adaptive & Para!

How did you get into rowing and what is your background in the sport?

🎤“I started rowing at West Virginia University on the Men's Crew. I absolutely fell in love with the sport immediately, and at the first practice I had on the water, I stood up in the boat, looked my coach dead in the eye and said; "I'll be doing that job in 4 years" - I did it in 3 and was head coach of the team for 7 years.”

What brings you to Three Rivers?

🎤“It is a great opportunity to support groups that may be overlooked in the rowing community and expand my coaching skills.”

What is your favorite part of the club?

🎤“Our efforts and work to keep the sport diverse and available for all. A very wise man named Adam Herrick once said, "The greatest thing about rowing is; We may come from different backgrounds, have different opportunities and experiences, but once we get out on the water... we're all equal"”

What's your favorite sports team?

🎤“The Adaptive Team at Three Rivers Rowing!”

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