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Staff Saturdays - Dylan Lukas

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

This Staff Saturday is brought to you by Dylan Lukas, TRYR Novice Boys Coach & Head Coach of Mid Morning Masters.

How did you get into rowing and what is your background in the sport?

🎤 "My mom made me go to a two week rowing summer camp before 9th grade and after it was finished I knew I was going to stay with this sport.

I competed 4 years after that camp with Fox chapel crew and did a summer with steel city. During that time I qualified for SRAA nationals twice. Once in a JV mens 4+ And the next year I competed in the Varsity Mens 2x earning a second place medal. I still compete, typically racing in the mens open single because I still love the intensity and the training that goes with it.

My coaching background started back in the fall of 2017 until winter of 2018. I continued coaching spring of 2021."

What brings you to Three Rivers?

🎤 "I want to bring my love of this sport to as many people as possible and hopefully make some fast athletes in the process."

What is your favorite part of the club?

🎤 "The fact that we compete sculling and sweep at a high level."

What's your favorite sports team?

🎤"Let's Go Pens!"

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