From young to seasoned, beginner to competitor, TRRA has a seat in a boat for everyone! We have programs tailored for kids, adults, and seniors - and programs for fun, fitness, networking, skill development, competitive racing, and for people with disabilities. Join a crew today with one of the selections below!

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Rowing, a.k.a. crew (in the United States), dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who used it as a form of transportation. In the mid-17th century, Europeans developed rowing into sport. Modern rowing involves moving the boat, also called a shell, through the water by holding onto oars, sitting on a wheeled seat, and pushing off with your legs.


There are two types of rowing: Sweep, and Sculling.


With sweep rowing, each rower holds one oar with both hands, with oars alternating between port or starboard sides of the boat. Sweep boats are called a 2, 4, or 8 - which refers to the number of seats in the boat.

With sculling, each rower holds two oars - one in each hand. Sculling boats are called singles, doubles, or quads - which also refers to the number of seats in the boat.

TRRA has several learn to row programs running at various times throughout the year. Yes, even in the winter – It's actually one of the best times to start. Not sure which program is for you? Give us a call (412-231-8772) or send an email. You will find our staff and community eager to help you get started. Shove off below!

An eight person rowing shell

Adult Learn To Row

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are often used for rowers to learn how to row a single rowing shell, enabling them to row on their own using TRRA equipment as part of our Log-Book Sculling program. Sculling lessons are a great introduction to the sport of rowing or a great way to enhance your current skills! TRRA will provide a coach and equipment to personalize your learning experience on your schedule!

Sculling lessons can be scheduled for individuals or small groups and all scheduling is subject to coach availability. Each participant must sign a TRRA Waiver and have a Swim Test on file with TRRA.  Fees for all Private Lessons must be paid in advance and be completed on-line.  Please review TRRA safety guidelines to familiarize yourself with requirements for certification.


Successful completion of a certification test at the end of your lessons qualifies you to participate in TRRA's Log Book Sculling program.


Other types of private lessons include rowers who want to improve their skills in in a particular boat. For example, a group of rowers who want extra coached practices in preparation for a race, or a rower from out of town wants to row on Pittsburgh's rivers while in town. Private lessons are perfect for these and other special circumstances. Let us know what you want to accomplish, and we'll help you meet your goal.

Private Lessons in 2022 will begin in May or when safety conditions permit.  More details will be shared here as they become available.