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HOCR Athlete Feature: Eric Grasso

Leading up to the Head of the Charles, we will be posting Athlete Features! First up we have Eric Grasso, competing in the Men’s Masters/Senior 1x!

🍁How are you feeling leading up to the event?

“Feeling good, it’s been kind of an interesting year for me, having torn my meniscus in February, having surgery in April, and being on crutches through mid-June. Just happy to be able to make it to the start line this year!”

🍁Is this your first time at the Charles or have you been before?

“This is my 7th time at the Charles, and 6th time racing the single. Have raced the Champ 1x twice, the club single thrice, and since I turned 30 this year, have decided to throw my hat in with the old(er) guys.”

🍁What are you most looking forward to?

“I’m most looking forward to the race itself, and seeing what kind of speed I can muster on the course”

🍁What is your go to pre-race meal/snack?

“A double shot of espresso, and a few homemade oat balls that my “coach”/girlfriend whips up. (Thanks, Hayley!)”

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