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2021 HOCR Live Stream & Results

Racing is underway at Head of the Charles! A full schedule of all races that TRRA boats are competing in is below. You can watch all of the action live on the HOTC YouTube Channel.

Congrats to Tom Hudak and Ross Thomson on their hard work in the Men's Grand Master/Veteran Singles (50+, 60+) this morning! 💪💪


8:40a Men's Club Singles

9:40a Men's Senior Master Eights (50+)

10:17a Women's Grand Master Eights (60+)

11:06a Women's Grand Master Fours (60+)

3:41p Mixed Para Inclusion 4+


8:24a Women's Youth Fours

9:02a Directors' Challenge Women's Quads (Composite w/ Sarasota County Rowing Club)

12:19p Mens Youth Coxed Quad

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