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Boathouse Preservation Society

Since the inception of the Boathouse Preservation Society in March of 2018, the group has collectively contributed over $200,000 to TRRA. This has helped the Club to complete a myriad of projects that have contributed to its long-term sustainability, as well as preserving the organization through the pandemic.

During the pandemic, we put our programs and operations under a microscope. We used the time to educate ourselves and began conversations that promote growth, performance, and new opportunities in the pursuit of our mission. These conversations have laid the foundation for Row412, our re-envisioned approach to raise awareness of and increase access to both the rowing and paddling opportunities at TRRA.

On Saturday, April 30th, BPS members, Board Members, Friends, and anyone interested in potentially joining the society or learning more about the 2022 vision is invited to the Millvale Boathouse for a networking and brunch opportunity! You do not have to be currently affiliated with TRRA to join the Boathouse Preservation Society. If interested in attending, please email Brittany Bell ( with your name and any dietary restrictions we should be aware of.

If you'd like to make a donation to join the Preservation Society, please follow the link here.

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