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Catch Crew Member Takes a Stand for Unity

On Saturday, September 25th Joe McCain will once again be standing for unity. He will stand for 24 hours at the Homestead Gray’s Bridge. In addition to standing for the unity of all races, nationalities, genders, LGBTQ, etc., McCain will also stand in honor and remembrance of all essential workers, military personnel, first responders, and all the heroes that we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

McCain’s original stand in early September of last year was prompted by the continual tension around the country after George Floyd’s death under a policeman’s knee. With much of the country still divided and added stresses of a global pandemic, Joe McCain is taking a stand once again to encourage unity among us and to honor and remember heroes that have brought us through the pandemic.

“It once again highlighted that there is still so much to do to bring unity to our communities and our work is not done,” says Joe McCain. “Last year I mentioned that we have ourselves stuck in a cycle where we develop momentum for change after a tragedy, then it fizzles and we won’t see momentum again until the next tragedy,” says McCain. “We are still at a point where it is critical to continually build unity among us and recognize the heroes among us so that we can chart a new path forward that is united in our communities and nation.”

This cycle is what motivated McCain to continue to “Stand for Unity” for the second year in a row. Joe McCain is asking others to join his stand, either on-site or wherever they are that day. McCain explains that he is putting more of an emphasis on additionally standing for honor and remembrance of our heroes- first responders, military personnel, and all essential workers.

“It has been a hard year and a half, but it has been especially taxing on all of our essential workers through this pandemic. We need them to know that we stand for them, we are with them, and we are appreciative for them!” says McCain. “Ultimately, I am standing once again in solidarity to encourage awareness, love, peace, honor, respect, and appreciation for all groups,” says McCain.

Joe McCain is not new to helping others, fostering unity, and taking a stand to take change beyond awareness. He has spent over 25 years collecting donations and delivering gloves, socks, and hats to those in need. Since 2013, McCain has helped feed thousands of families with his Basket of Love food drive. Joe McCain has also stood for Breast Cancer Awareness, particularly demonstrating to women that a man cares and is here for them throughout their journey.

McCain is encouraging anyone who would like to stand with him to join him at any point throughout his 24-hour stance.

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