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Save the Date for Spring Cleanup '23!

Warmer weather means on-water season is just around the corner, but we need everyone's help to prepare our campuses! All teams will receive a list of tasks to be completed by Sunday, March 19th. Captains will receive the tasks in a separate communication, and will share that with each program soon.

Spring Cleanup Dates:

  • Saturday, March 18th @ 8 - 11am: Logbook scullers and anyone looking for additional volunteer time to clean up inside the Washington's Landing and Millvale campuses, sign up

  • Tasks include: Cleaning high touch surfaces, cleaning windows, sweeping and mopping floors.

  • Sunday, March 19th: Team-specific outdoor tasks must be completed on or before this date.

Logging Volunteer Hours:

Don't forget to log your volunteer hours! Tracking your volunteer time shows just how much you give back to the TRRA community, and allows us to recognize your hard work! To track your hours in iCrew:

  1. Open Your Home in iCrew.

  2. Click Your Volunteer Hours. Expand list if you don’t see Your Volunteer Hours.

  3. Click Your Menu, then Enter Volunteer Hours

  4. Follow the instructions on the hours entry page.

  5. Please make a new entry for each task in a new “Activity Type”.

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