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Staff Saturdays - Jill Peters

Staff Saturdays this week is brought to you by Jill Peters, Assistant Youth and Middle School Coach!

How did you get into rowing and what is your background in the sport?

🎤 “I got into rowing my freshman year of high school at the Detroit Boat Club. I had a friend who was on the team and I joined her for a practice and at the end of it the coach handed me a permission slip and said “bring this back tomorrow” and I was too shy to say no so I kept coming back. I instantly fell in love with the sport and ended up signing to row for Duquesne University and the rest is history!”

What brings you to Three Rivers?

🎤 “I came to Three Rivers because I raced against the team in high school and was always impressed by how they behaved so professionally at regattas and how successful they were. When the opportunity came to coach here, I instantly jumped at it because the club is one of the best in the Midwest and I knew I could learn a lot from both the coaches and the athletes.”

What is your favorite part of the club?

🎤 “I love how dedicated everyone is, both coaches and athletes. It’s such a tight knit community and everyone here wants to become better both on and off the water.”

What's your favorite sports team?

🎤 “The Detroit Tigers!”

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